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Ambulance Services Authority

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The Indian Valley Ambulance Services Authority is a joint powers agreement between Indian Valley Health Care District, and the IVCSD. IVASA contracts with PHI cares to provide 24/7 ground service ambulance to the entire Indian Valley in Plumas County, California. This is a critical life saving contract and system that the Indian Valley Community Services District, and Indian Valley Health Care District, deem important enough to dedicate time and effort to this vital enterprise. Serving rural areas of Northern California is no easy task and we are fortunate to have this service available in our beautiful Indian Valley. This service is not free and it is supplemented by a tax assessment annually done by the IVASA organization through the IVCSD management. If you have questions or want to attend meetings, they are held semi-annually at the IVCSD offices in Greenville, California, 127 Crescent Street Suite #1 or call: 530.284.7224

The structure of the Indian Valley Ambulance Services Authority is by a governing Board of Directors selected from the Indian Valley community, as required to be 2 members from the IVCSD board, and 2 members from the IVHCD board, and 1 member at large from the I.V. community. The current Chairperson of the Board is Director McNett, and Vice Chair of the Board, is Director Henrich, with Director Heard, Director Dannemiller, and Director Litchfield as members of the board. Director Dannemiller and Director Heard are also the required board members of the IVCSD Board of Directors. This cooperation between boards keeps both organizations informed and working in unison to provide support and infrastructure in providing needed services for the Indian Valley. The Board of Directors do meet semi-annually in January, and again in July. If you would like to have an item on the agenda for the board, and the meeting, please notify the Board Clerk at the IVCSD Offices in Greenville at least 1 month ahead of the scheduled meeting date by calling: 530.284.7224 or e-mail at: There won't be a preliminary committee meeting to discuss the agenda items, it will be added to the agenda as previewed by the Chairperson, and you will be asked to attend the meeting to present your agenda item. Thank You!

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"It Takes A Village" to build, support, and maintain these services! It's a vital service and we are proud as the IVHCD, IVCSD, and through the IVASA organization to be able to assist the community in having Emergency services available to the entire Indian Valley, the towns of Greenville, Crescent Mills, Taylorsville, and outlying areas, such as Canyon Dam, and Genesee. We have a sense of community and building this community with good direction, vision, and leadership is critical. Not everyone will agree on all the issues, but I think we can all agree that 24 hour, 7 days each week, emergency medical services are important enough to support and maintain. We take for granted that when we need them, they will come, and be there to provide these vital services, and that is what the IVASA board strives to do, is to maintain these services for our little rural corner of the world. The fees for this are $45.00 per livable structure, annually, within the boundaries of the Indian Valley, and then private citizens can purchase an additional policy with our contract provider to lessen the cost of services, when they are utilized. This policy application can be obtained at the offices of the IVCSD, or 1.888.435.9744