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...Is Indian Valley Ambulance Service?

  • PHI is a private company that provides an ambulance around the clock to all residents of Indian Valley. The ambulance is on stanby in Greenville, CA.
  • IVASA has an agreement with PHI to provide these ambulance services through contract expiration in December of 2019.
  • PHI can provide information about its services by calling:1-888-435-9744 or -online at
  • 220 Crescent St. Greenville, CA 95947​
  • Call 911 for Emergency Services.

...pays for these services?

In 1996, over two thirds of the Indian Valley registered voters elected to establish an annual $45.00 per residence tax "solely for ambulance services." This tax is used to subsidize a ground ambulance in Greenville, CA.
Individuals that use ground or air transport will be responsible for the expense of that transport. However, to partially cover these costs, PHI offers an annual  membership program. Contact PHI for additional membership information.
With this program, patient liability for ground transport to Quincy, or Chester, would be reduced from approximately $2,300 to $500, and patient liability for air transport to Chico, or Reno, NV. would be reduced from approximately $23,000.00 to $7,500.00
Some or all of these reduced costs may be covered by your family insurance provider.

...should you prepare for ambulance services?

  • Have available a list of the patient's medications, medical history, and legal healthcare directives.
  • Have available telephone numbers for your family doctor and family members.
  • Have your street number plainly visible for ambulance personnel.
  • If possible, have someone standing by at the end of your driveway, or lane, or highway entrance to direct emergency personnel.
  • Confine your dog to another room. Your pets will be as anxious as you are.
  • Clear a pathway from your doorway to the patient location.
  • In the event you need transport from a hospital to a higher level of care facility, you may request PHI Flight.
  • Call 911 for Emergency services.